Hey look, it’s not about me.
This page, though, is exclusively about me...

Oh, hello

My name is Tom Strekowski. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on 3D content creation and UX/UI design. I've worked in both, in-house and agency environments and have been lucky enough to work with many great start-ups and entrepreneurs. I've studied business marketing as well as design and I think this cross-section gives me a unique perspective on the value of design. This is best summed up by one of my favorite Marty Neumeier quotes: “A charismatic brand includes a dedication to aesthetics. Why? Because it’s the language of feeling, and in a society that’s information-rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information.” I help boutique brands create authentic and unmistakable digital experiences that make waves like the big dogs. I also don't mind working with the big dogs either. Feel free to download my CV below.

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Me at age 6 getting started on a web design project. (Not really)
Times are tough,
remember not to forget...

Rough seas make

skilled sailors.

Some examples
of recent work...
Identity Design
UX/UI Design
3D Renders
3D Renders
Arq 1
Identity Design
3D Renders
Packaging Design
3D Renders
Identity Design
We're all in long-distance
relationships now...


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