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Dweller is a start-up boutique candle shop located in Carlsbad, California. I was approached to create a visual identity that reflected everything the owner/founder loved about this small beach-town in North-County San Diego. Dweller would launch with a small hero line of only four products initially and grow once the company gained traction. The core of the brand launch would be an e-commerce website with a strong secondary focus on educating customers on the sustainable and hand-crafted process behind each candle. The inherent challenge with selling a scented product online was, obviously, the inability for customers to sample each candle's scent. By combining as much distinctive visual detail to each candle as possible (along with a very good return policy) customers can get the best visual representation of a candles scent without actually experiencing the sensation. Each candle has a unique  pattern and bold color to create a visceral and emotional response akin to the kind of vivid memories that can attach themselves to a particular scent. Along with this, the founder and I developed a "scent chart" with corresponding icons to categorize each scent between a sliding scale of two opposing scents. The categories included: Clean to Earthy, Bright to Calm, Floral to Fruity.


The key challenge for Dweller's e-commerce strategy was how best to convey the scent of a candle visually without actually experiencing the sensation. Essentially utilizing one sense to describe another.


By using very distinctive color palettes, unique "sent-lines" artwork, and creating a simple yet descriptive scent category system complete with iconography, customers can get the best possible visual representation of a candles scent.

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