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Nikki Kay is a Southern California based wedding and family photographer. As a solopreneur, Nikki had difficulty expressing her perspective through her work alone and would often times need to create mood-boards to convey her personality and vision for each shoot. Along with a thorough visual identity, we wanted to create a unique portfolio experience; Modern type treatments coupled with playful animations to keep users engaged in the content while expressing Nikki's playful personality and style.


With the ubiquity of cameras and camera phones, it's never been easier or cheaper to take a quality photo. This fact can sometimes make it difficult to express the value of hiring a professional photographer.


Distill all of the value props into one simple concept "The eye of a photographer is really what you're paying for." From the location scouting to the composition of each image through to the final edit, it's all about having an eye.

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Identity Design
UX/UI Design
3D Renders
Webflow Dev
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Identity Design
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