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Copy Writing


Create an identity that will resonate with affluent millennials in the extremely competitive Southern California real estate market.


An emphasis on professionalism and high-end aesthetics can be interpreted as unapproachable for young first-time home buyers.


Bold minimalism. A unification of seemingly contradictory concepts; playful yet sophisticated, energetic yet refined. Elegant but also humble and inviting.


One of the first steps in my branding process is to create multiple stylescapes or mood-boards based on client feedback and comments in the discovery phase. This gives the client a general look and feel of what the brand might be before any real decisions are made. After some discussion, we settled on combining two stylescapes together to create the finalized aesthetic.

Logo Ideation

After some preliminary sketches and client feedback, we honed in on a minimalistic play on the first letter of Marlyses' name to represent her personal brand. I wanted the mark to subtly evoke imagery of homes or even items involved in the home buying process like ink on paper or a for sale sign. The final logo was inspired by the way light bouncing off of a rooftop can highlight the silhouette of a perfect home.

Big, Bold
& Super Classy.

Including a genuine representation of Marlyse was primarily to attract her desired demographic but also to differentiate her as a brand from other agents in her industry. Competitors have been establishing brand identities mostly focused on conveying a sense of relentless professionalism, but professionalism can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it establishes a brand as an authority but on the other it can become cold, intimidating & unapproachable. The focus for the Marylse brand was to gain client trust by conveying a sense of honesty & warmth, which meant doing things differently. A brand that represents the agent honestly. A brand that is elegant but also humble. A brand that takes the work seriously but does not take itself too seriously.

A home is more than just a living space. It is a reflection of who you are & who you aspire to become. I believe in finding homes that serve as a foundation for the life you want to live. My mission is to help you find home.