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Create an identity that will resonate with affluent millennials in the extremely competitive Southern California real estate market.


An emphasis on professionalism & high-end aesthetics can be interpreted as unapproachable for young first-time home buyers.


Bold minimalism. A unification of seemingly contradictory concepts; playful yet sophisticated, energetic yet refined. Elegant but also humble & inviting.

Big, Bold
& Classy As S**t

Including a genuine representation of Marlyse was primarily to attract her desired demographic but also to differentiate her as a brand from other agents in her industry. Competitors have been establishing brand identities mostly focused on conveying a sense of relentless professionalism, but professionalism can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it establishes a brand as an authority but on the other it can become cold, intimidating & unapproachable. The focus for the Marylse brand was to gain client trust by conveying a sense of honesty & warmth, which meant doing things differently. A brand that represents the agent honestly. A brand that is elegant but also humble. A brand that takes the work seriously but does not take itself too seriously. Or, if I can quote Marlyse directly "it makes me look like a boss b***h."